Doctorate Program - SEAMEO-RECFON

Doctorate Program in Nutrition


  • Able to identify, plan, execute, and evaluate scientific research related to applied human nutrition.
  • Able to design strategies for nutritional intervention and nutrition policy
  • Able to impart their experience to the scientific community and general public


Doctor in Nutrition (DR) awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

Admission Requirements

Holder of Master Program in nutrition or nutrition related sciences with basic knowledge in biochemistry and physiology of nutrition with a minimum cumulative grade 3 (range 1-4). Master degree holders in other fields shall be required :

  • to take some basic courses in nutrition
  • Pass the selection process organized by University of Indonesia, and SEAMEO TROPMED RCCN UI as the organizer of Doctorate Program in Nutrition
  • Have a minimum score of 500 in the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) examination or equivalent proven proficiency in English language.
  • Submit necessary documents (curriculum vitae, copy of legalized academic transcript and certificate, certificate of proven proficiency in English language, short statement outlining the reason of interest program and plans for future professional career, 2 recommendation letters from previous academic institution and/or current employer)
  • Submit a short research proposal

Registration Procedures

Schedule for registration of new academic year is arranged by the Student Selection Committee of University of Indonesia. Approximately it is in January-March (1st Phase) and April-June (2nd Phase). Detail information and online registration is available at Detail information on registration procedures is also available at Registration procedures refer to University of Indonesia either by on line or manually. 

Program Activities 

The main focus of work will be the elaboration of original scientific research. The Doctoral Program requires 6 semesters with 48-50 credits to complete. As required by the academic requirements of the University of Indonesia the participant has to attend the general and basic subjects. The general lectures are coordinated by the Faculty of Medicine given in the first semester, whereas the basic subjects are coordinated by the SEAMEO TROPMED RCCN-UI as block courses.

During the first semester general subjects (Philosophy of Science, Scientific Methodology, Advanced Research Methodology, Statistic I&II) will be given for all doctorate program participants in health subjects. These courses are organized by UI in Bahasa Indonesia and comprise 10 credits. For foreign students who can not follow lectures in Bahasa Indonesia, (s) he will be given personal sessions with the lectures/course coordinators to discuss about the course topics and assignments (in English). Basic and specific topics in nutrition which are organized by SEAMEO-RCCN can be taken during the same or after the first semester. Basic subjects consist of four obligatory courses (8 credits) and additional 1-2 courses (2-4 credits). The choice of these additional courses can be adjusted to the need and research topic for dissertation and doctorate participants will be advised by the Academic Advisor and/or Head Unit of Doctorate Program at SEAMEO-RCCN.

Lecturers and Consultants

Lecturers consists of the SEAMEO-TROPMED RCCN academic staffs, national as well as international guest lecturers coming from universities, research institutions, government offices, industries, non-government organizations, and UN agencies


The program is well supported with modern teaching aids, computer facilities, 24-h free internet access, nutrition related laboratory (biochemical and body composition laboratory), and library completed with up to date reference books and nutrition related international journals.

Some scholarships are being offered from national and international funding agencies for those who meet the qualifications.


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