External Course Consultants

General Nutrition

Prof. Khor Geok Lin
Department of Nutrition & Health Sciences, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Nutritional Status  Assessment

Prof. Rosalind Gibson
Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago, New Zealand

Nutritional Epidemiology Surveillance

Prof. Lye Munn San
Dept. of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,  University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia,

Prof. Geoffrey C. Marks
School of Population Health, University of Queensland, Australia,

Anuraj Shankar, PhD
School of Public Health, Harvard University, USA

Public Health

A.A. Kielmann (MDCM, MPH, DABGPM, Dr.PH)

Independent consultant, France

Introduction to Nutritional Anthropology

Anita V. Shankar, PhD
School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Food Safety

Pauline Chan
Food and Nutrition Specialists Pte Ltd, Singapore

Health Promotion in Nutrition Programs

Prof. Ernesto R. Gregorio, Jr., MPH
Department of Health Education and Promotion, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines, Philippines

Food & Micronutrient Interventions

Prof. Corazon VC. Barba, PhD
University of the Philippines at Los Banos,  Philippines


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