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2nd Youth Creation

Nutrition Competition in Southeast Asia 2018 - Accelerate Zero Hunger



The young generation is known for their talent and creativity. Capturing these opportunities, SEAMEO RECFON organizes the 2nd Youth CREATION Competition as a media for young generation to contribute to better nutrition condition in community or school setting through their innovative and creative ideas. This year, the competition highlights “Accelerate Zero Hunger” as 2nd Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The goals are:

  1. To improve the roles of school community in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 on Zero Hunger.
  2. To provide forum for idea and creativity among school community, including students and teachers, to actively play a role in food and nutrition information disseminations through product or activity development for better future generation.


The outcomes are:

  1. Product or model creation and innovations from students and teachers to contribute to alleviation of all form of food and nutrition problem in both school and community settings.
  2. Expansion of network and partnership between SEAMEO RECFON and schools in Southeast Asia Region to promote nutrition educations together.


“Youth CREATION to Accelerate Zero Hunger”


  1. Sustainable Food System in Community or School Setting: From Farm to Fork
  2. Reducing Food Loss and Waste in Community or School Setting
  3. Access of Safe, Healthy, and Adequate Food in Community or School Setting
  4. Combating All Forms of Malnutrition in Community or School Setting

Important Dates

Extended to September 7th 2018


September 14th 2018

Announcement of the seminifalist

September 14th – September 31st 2018

Video preview submission period

October 1st 2018

Announcement of the finalist

October 2nd 2018

Online briefing for the finalist

October 15th 2018

Pitching of the product/model prototype

October 16th 2018

Announcement of the winners at the World Food Day Celebration 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Eligibility Criteria

  1. All participants should be in a team with 1 teacher and maximally 3 students from 1 senior high school or vocational high school in Southeast Asia Region or Affiliate Member Countries of SEAMEO.
  2. Every school may submit more than 1 idea, but it should be different team with different members.
  3. Participants have be able to speak in English, at least passive English.
  4. Participants must follow all official social media of SEAMEO RECFON before registration in: 
    1. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/seameorecfon
    2. Twitter https://twitter.com/seameorecfon
    3. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/seameorecfon
    4. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/SeameoRecfonChannel
  5. Registration should be submitted by team leader through online form using available template as provided with submission deadline in September 7th 2018 at 11.59 PM (GMT+7).

Rules and Procedures


  1. Phase 1:
    1. Participants have to develop Conceptual Notes of their idea, explaining the title, introduction of idea, superiority, sustainability, and impact.
    2. The idea may vary including applicative product, information system design, mobile/android application, software, model of activity, educative video, or other nutrition learning materials which is original (without plagiarism matter) and has not been published or included in any competition.
    3. The idea should not touch any sensitive issues, such as ethnicity, religion, politic, porn, and any industry/company promotion on its institution or product.
  2. Phase 2:
    1. The best 30 teams will be requested to make 5-minute video preview of their idea. The video could be in native language with English subtitle.
    2. The video have to be in MP4/MOV/AVI format (1280x720 HD) and 24 fps framerates. Detailed information about the video will be informed to finalist during the 1st announcement.
  3. Phase 3:
    1. The best 10 teams will be requested to make product or model prototype.
    2. The best 10 teams will be invited to Jakarta, Indonesia. Accomodation for 2 days and return airfare ticket will be covered for maximally 2 person/team by SEAMEO RECFON. Additional team member can join the final event by using personal expenses.
  4. By submitting materials, participants acknowledge and comply the rules of the competition. The decisions of the expert jury are final.


Assessment Criteria

  1. Validity of the content
  2. Potential impact derived for community
  3. Creativity and innovation
  4. Feasibility
  5. Replication and Sustainability

Prize Value*

1st Winner US$ 750

2nd Winner US$ 550

3rd Winner US$ 400

The Most Favorite US$ 250

* The best 10 teams will be invited to Jakarta, Indonesia. Accomodation for 2 days and return airfare ticket will be covered for maximally 2 person/team by SEAMEO RECFON.


Registration fee is FREE


Submission Form

The forms for submissions are available below

Submission Form

Copyrights and Usage Rights

SEAMEO RECFON reserves the right to non-commercially use or publish the visualisation of submitted materials, provided the creator is acknowledged. Copyright terms for further product/model development will be arranged based on the agreement between the creator and SEAMEO RECFON as well as the law in Indonesia. SEAMEO RECFON will not be responsible of any charge or legal consequences for the third party of the materials used in product/modul development. By submitting the application materials, copyright holders agree to this usage.

For more information

Contact Person          : Ms. Nana (+62 813 9272 8600) or Mr. Thohir (+62 813 6772 8127)

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