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Panel Discussion - Nutrition Education: What are the lessons learned?

27 February 2018 | Published in Seminar. Read 1632 times.
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Behavioral nutrition has been receiving much attention in many development programs; and therefore, efforts have been made to understand its complexity and to find workable solutions to influence change in behavior conducive to health/nutrition. As we know that nutrition education combined with educational strategies, accompanied by environmental supports, is designed to facilitate voluntary adoption of healthier food choices and other food/nutrition-related behaviors. Therefore, SEAMEO RECFON in collaboration with Department of Nutrition Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia conducted a panel discussion which was embedded in the Post Graduate Training on Health Promotion in Nutrition Programs. This activity aimed at learning and sharing about selected nutrition education interventions on how they were planned, executed and implemented, as well as providing a discussion forum and network among professionals dealing with behavioral nutrition interventions. Involving the experts in nutrition, this activity was attended by 36 participants who took part in the discussion both physically and virtually as the activity was also broadcasted online.  The recorded version of the event is now available at our Youtube channel and to date has attracted more than 100 viewers. This event was regarded as a good forum to take up some lessons learned in carrying out nutrition education programs in real settings.information in food and nutrition.

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