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28 December 2017 | Published in Workshop. Read 3824 times.
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On 18th of December 2017, SEAMEO RECFON invites DR. Bambang Indriyanto from SEAMEO Quality improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel in Language (SEAQIL) to give an introductory workshop on how to build a policy brief. DR. Indriyanto who is the Director of SEAQIL is a public policy lecturer in various institutions. He has vast experiences in formulation of education policies with different stakeholders.

The half-day workshop was attended by 21 participants: 13 staff from RECFON, 4 Doctoral students of Nutrition Study Program and 4 staff from Department of Community Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia.

In the workshop, DR. Indriyanto explained the definition of policy brief and the importance of having systematic evidence to support a policy recommendation. He also emphasized the importance to give policy options in a policy brief, as the decision on which policy needed to be implemented by the stakeholders are not the decision of researcher, but belongs to the policy holder. By the end of the workshop, participants were given opportnity to peer-critisize some published policy briefs.

As the follow up project of this workshop, Mr. Indriyanto will assist SEAMEO RECFON in creating local evidence-based policies. (GW)

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