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Postgraduate Training


Postgraduate Training 

SEAMEO RECFON organizes regional training in the field of food and nutrition since 1992. The program is designed to cater the needs of nutrition and health professionals in Southeast Asia (SEA) Region. The main focus of the program is to conduct capacity building in food and nutrition, as well as information dissemination through partnership for sustainable human resources development. The program offers 14 trainings, applying block system, which can be taken separately for each training or as a whole in a sequence that build competencies as community nutrition practitioners. Each training was called Post Graduate Training (PGT), as follow: 

  1. Applied Knowledge in Nutrition
  2. Food & Nutrient Interventions
  3. Food Economics and Food Security
  4. Food Safety
  5. How to Handle Your Survey Data
  6. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) (on-line based training)
  7. Health and Nutrition Project/Program Planning & Management
  8. Health Promotion in Nutrition
  9. Introduction to Nutritional Anthropology 
  10. Nutrition and Diseases
  11. Nutrition in Food Industry
  12. Nutritional Status Assessment
  13. Public Health and Community Nutrition Systems Analysis
  14. Systematic Review and Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Nutrition 

Each Post Graduate Training (PGT) is accredited by the Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI). Our PGT aimed at providing updated knowledge on the specific field related to each PGT, as well as improving skills necessary for facilitation of food and nutrition program at individual and community level. PGT Food Safety is also has been conducting one day train of the trainer (ToT) workshop at the end of the training to facilitate the participants in rolling out the knowledge in their countries or institutions. It is planned that other PGT will also be conducting similar ToT. 

The participants attended the PGT came from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Lao PDR, The Philippines, and other countries from Australia and Africa. The participants were from various background including academia, government, and private sectors. Our training program are thus internationally oriented and expected to have an impact on development of science, policy and the society. 

Scholarship Program 

1. Fellowship Post Graduate Training 

Every year, SEAMEO RECFON provides limited fellowship for participants from targeted countries in SEA region, as part of the contribution to improve human resources capacity about food and nutrition for better nutrition and health condition. This fellowship is an excellent opportunity for a range of existing nutrition professionals who wish to pursue advanced food and nutrition education, particularly those who are from Mekong countries, such as Myanmar, Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Insight and experiences about food and nutrition that lead nutrition policy and practice at a local, national, or even the regional level is an anticipated outcome of this program.

In 2018, the fellowships will be available for three (3) Post Graduate Trainings which are Food Safety, Nutritional Status Assessment, and Systematic Review and Evidence-Informed Decision Making in Nutrition. For more information about the schedule and content of the training program, kindly contact  the address provided below. 

2. DAAD-RECFON Scholarship for Master and Doctorate Program at Nutritional Sciences Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia 

Roll-out and Tailor-made Training Programs 

Apart from the PGTs conducted in house, since 1990, SEAMEO RECFON works around the Southeast Asia Region conducting roll out and tailor-made training program. Training on food and nutrition had been done in many areas in Indonesia and other SEA countries under collaboration with respective stakeholders (academic and governmental institutions). These training programs consist of several activities in which SEAMEO RECFON provides capacity building and technical advices for academe, program implementers, and nutrition-allied professionals which have educational background in nutrition and health.

The roll-out programs that has been conducted with different institutions were as follow:

  1. Applied Nutritional Assessment
  2. Food Safety
  3. Linear Programming for Optimal Diet
  4. Public Health Nutrition
  5. Qualitative Study for Nutrition and Health
  6. Scientific Writing for Nutrition and Health
  7. Other Tailor-made Training on Research Methodology
  8. Other Tailor-made Training on Food and Nutrition Issues 

Any institutions interested to host the above mentioned training programs or interested to roll-out SEAMEO RECFON PGTs can contact the address given below. 

Lecture Series about Recent Updates on Food and Nutrition 

General Lectures Series conducted by SEAMEO RECFON are consisted of online lecture series and off-line general lecture. It offers current updated knowledge on food and nutrition where students, lecturers, researchers, public and private sectors from the SEA region come together for free.

Online lecture series is a new breakthrough just offered recently. It is a home-basis study (online access), which can be taken real-time during the session and any time in our social media portal. Use of the internet is an innovative way to address the time and distance barriers. Indeed, the Internet has become an exciting opportunity to engage more participants through interactive multimedia programs.  SEAMEO RECFON’s staffs and other experts on food and nutrition gave the lectures. Students and scientists from around the SEA region gathered in online lecture to bridge distance in updating current knowledge on food and nutrition through SEAMEO RECFON. This enriches the dynamic dimension of learning process. Some of the lecture series conducted by SEAMEO RECFON were posted in YouTube channel of SEAMEO RECFON and SEAMEO Secretariat. 

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