Teens’ Real Contribution for Improving Nutrition and Health Literacy in Schools

Aug 15 2017

Teens’ Real Contribution for Improving Nutrition and Health Literacy in Schools

High school students or known as teenagers are vulnerable group for health and nutritional disorders so that they need special attention. They spend a lot of time in school where the condition of the environment shapes their attitudes, behaviors, and interest especially in terms of health and nutrition issues. Therefore, nutrition education and promotion becomes very important for teenagers in improving their knowledge for shaping the behavior of healthy lifestyle. Teenagers belong to the millennial generation t are very keen to various technologies, especially information technology. They spend a lot of time on social media, reading news, and information sharing. Those are very potential media as nutrition education channels for young generation.

To support for better generation among teenagers, SEAMEO RECFON as a regional center for food and nutrition in Southeast Asia held a documentary video contest called Youth CREATION 2017 (Cinematography in Food and Nutrition) with the theme “Sekolahku Sehat dan Bergizi – Saatnya Bergerak” – My Healthy and Nutrition Aware School – Time to Move. This competition is an event for facilitating the development of nutrition education media among adolescents. The competition was intended for teachers and students of high schools throughout Indonesia. A total of 30 teams from various provinces in Indonesia participated in this competition, from West Tenggara to Riau Islands.

The series of events ended with the announcement of finalists held in Jakarta during the 5th SEAMEO RECFON Research Dissemination Seminar on 9 August 2017. A total of 7 finalists from high schools in Bandung, Batam, Batu, Bogor, Gresik, and Sukabumi were invited to Jakarta. The winner of the best video  was awarded to SMA IT Insantama Bogor with the video titled “Potret Anak Boarding – Mengatur Diri untuk Hidup Sehat dan Bergizi” – Dormitory living: A portray made by teenagers. The runner up was SMA Negeri 1 Gresik and the 2nd runner up was SMK Negeri 1 Batam.

All videos are uploaded on YouTube. Click here to watch.



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